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Industry: Professional Services
Annual revenue: R0.9m

Executive summary

This client approached Colossus after SARS had seized their revenue stream to recover outstanding debt. On further investigation, we identified that the client had outstanding income tax, PAYE and VAT returns dating as far back as 2007, with the latter two accounts as well as their admin penalty account all reflecting amounts due to SARS. Colossus proceeded to restore credible accounting records, where previously there were none, update all returns, and resolve the audits that resulted. In the end, Colossus was able to secure a sizeable refund to the client, despite the extremely adverse starting position. The client’s tax affairs are now up to speed, and for the first time in their history, they now understand what is expected of them, when, and how they need to go about planning for meeting their tax liabilities.



Kurt Heideman is what you would call driven, extremely driven. Driven towards doing things the right way, and with excellence.


His drive for personal excellence and passion for the business world has evolved into wanting to help others get their own business and financial affairs in order.


Though his clients range quite significantly in size, it doesn’t change how he treats them, or their affairs. For Kurt, it’s all about helping his clients do better, make better decisions, act responsibly and ultimately to ensure that their financial status improves. So if you need help with business or finance matters, give Kurt a call or drop him a mail – the first meeting is free, so is the coffee.

Based in Port Elizabeth,
South Africa

084 207 3392


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